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Message from Bob Murray and a Short Story,  June 2021


Message from Bob Murray

June 3, 2021

Hello to one and all,

Mike and I had another planetary visit. This was a planet neither I nor he has visited. The habitants are very advanced living souls to their planet. We did not interact with them but observed their day-to-day lives from a distance of a particular village in a colder climate.

Do you know that they do not rely on vehicles or devices to travel on their planet. They do what is done in Star Trek; as Kirk would say 'Beam me up, Scotty'. I don't know if they have a Scotty ( I do but he is a dog). What I was saying is their transportation is so advanced that they waste no time figuring out how they transport their physical bodies from point A to point B. We can do the same travel here in Heaven as we did to travel to this planet. As I understand it, when one reaches a certain level of awareness, he or she may have a physical body but their molecules are further apart so that one flies through space and arrives almost instantaneously. In time, Earthlings will be able to do the same but it will take eons of time to achieve. I was shown that luggage is sent separately because it still carries a heavier or denser set of molecules. Insects or birds ( on earth) are actually very advanced in their traveling and are much more intelligent than we may think.

The name of the planet we visited is pronounced 'Walophosocan', after hearing it in their language. The name sounds a bit Scandinavian. They are of light skin color. Mike calls them Waffle people--waffle meaning the breakfast food. The name has stuck and Mike calls the planet, Waffle World--not to make fun of the planet but make it easier to remember and identify. They don't look like waffles but its a name that has stuck--Yes, like maple syrup.

I noticed that their clothing is very plain and in light colors, pastel like. They wear mostly single piece outfits or clothing, something like a baby jumper suit. We were told that the clothing is purely 100 percent natural material. So basically, their cloths eventually biodegrade. As Mike put it, you could be out for a walk and be half naked by the time you get home, or end up totally naked. In their cold climate region, their clothing is warm enough. Therefore, they do not need to also wear winter coats or boots. The thermal efficiency of clothing has been perfected. We were told that dwellers in warm climates wear clothing that actually keeps their body at a comfortable temperature. Mike added that sunbathers need not apply.

The "people" are quite tall, as compared to humans. They reach heights of 8 feet. Mike's comment was they must have trouble fitting into bathtubs, never mind a Volkswagen Beetle, and must bang their heads often. But I added that they could use a ladder, if they used ladders, less often and can reach the high cupboards in a kitchen.

We plan to return and see if we can interact with the locals. I would like to ask them if they know of our planet. I know some who have visited Earth have mentioned of our wars and conflicts between different peoples.

I'll tell you more on our next trip.


June 20, 2021

The basis for the story is fiction. It was co-written by myself and Louisa May A. I was allowed to contribute my psychic knowledge and she wrote the rest. Here is our story.

The Runaway Visitor

Mary lived outside a very small New England village and was a hard working mother residing on a farm with Abigail, her single child of the age of 12. Mary was talented in her abilities to communicate with her deceased love ones but had kept it secret in her community. She became a widow after a short period of only two years of wedlock and was considered fortunate to retain their farm after his passing from a rare disease. She also inherited a small wealth from her father's estate upon his passing due to a sea voyage accident.

Mary and Abigail did most of the chores to maintain the homestead on their rural farm. Some aid was available and Mary took advantage of the help of her neighbor's servants. The farm was only a few acres but large enough with livestock and produce to provide for their well being.

On a warm sunny morning, a knock was heard at the front door of their house. Mary knew it was of great importance and not a neighbor promoting a community event. She opened the door to a tall gentleman in an army uniform.
The corporal spoke with calm and demeanour, "Good day. I am Corporal Pearson. Are you lady Mary Worthington?"

"Yes, I am Mary Worthington. Why do you ask?"

"We have reason to be believe you have a stow away hiding on your farm. He is a deserter of the army."

She was surprised to hear those words, and responded, "I have no one here other than myself and my daughter."

The Corporal asked, "May we search your premises? "

She answered, "Why? I explained that no one else is here."

He continued, "I have word from the village that someone saw a man in a uniform enter your barn several nights in the past few days."

"Well, if you are certain, take a look but I am certain we do not have a guest in our barn nor in our house."

"Thank you, Ma'am. This shall not take long." The Corporal left the porch and walked to the barn. He opened the large barn doors and entered. Mary and Abigail walked towards the barn and waited for him to return. He came out alone, and asked, "Ma'am, may I take a look in your house?"

She replied, "Is it really necessary? I'm not hiding anyone. We have hired help. Perhaps that is who you saw?" "Perhaps but please allow us to enter your home."

"If it satisfies your investigation, please..." She gestured her approval.

The ladies waited outside as the Corporal toured their home. Minutes later he returned to the same spot where he spoke before the barn visit. "Ma'am, you are correct. We are sorry for the intrusion. If you have anything new to report to us, please come to our station in the village." The corporal climbed on to his armored horse. They left the property as they traveled the dusty farm road, onto another road heading in the direction of the village.

Mary spoke. "I don't understand the reason for the visit."

"Mother, there is a man whom I saw enter our barn at night. He is not the man who helps us but someone else. I could see this from my bedroom window."

"That is nonsense, Abby. No one is staying in our barn. I would know."

"But it's true. I saw him. I think we should talk to him next time he comes."

"Abby, we are not seeing anyone."

"Mother, please...come to my room tonight and I will show you."

"Okay, but I am sure you are seeing our help."

Dusk arrives and soon after the two had prepared for their slumber. Abigail reminded her mother to visit her room but also tuck her in for the night. Abigail placed two chairs in front of her large bedroom window. Soon after they settled into the chairs, a light appeared through the small spaces between the old barn board walls upon the arrival of the night's darkness.

Abigail: "You see...A light is shining through now."

Mary: "Oh my goodness, Abby...But it could still be our help."

The two left the bedroom. Mary grabbed and lit the lantern. They left the house and headed to the barn. As they opened the barn doors, there appeared a small bearded man in slumber with a blanket covering him resting on several bales of hay. His lantern was dimly lit. He awakened after being startled by their entry. He revealed his army uniform as he sat up. His clothing was covered in blood stains. He spoke with trepidation, "I am only here for a night. I shall leave sooner if you do not want me here."

Mary responded, "Who are you? We had a visit from a corporal and he was looking for a deserter. Are you that person?"

"Yes, I am that deserter. I only wish to not bother anyone and I hope you do not feel I am intruding. I shall leave if you wish."
Mary continued, "I was told to report anything new to the Corporal. But I am willing to not say anything if you are willing to go by tomorrow at sunrise."

"I am willing to follow that order. I am sorry for my intrusion."

Abigail asked, "Why do you have so much blood on your uniform? Are you hurt?"

"Yes, I was shot a few times in battle. I ran for miles but I found your barn and hid here to escape the enemy."

Mary interjected, "You need help. You need to see a doctor immediately."

"NO! it is too late for that. They will find me guilty before a court martial and I will never see the outside of a jail cell again. I could not live with that. I want them to assume I died rather than not continuing by duties."

Mary pleaded, "But we have to get you help or you could die. When did you get shot?"

"I have lived with this for some time now, about a week but..."

Before he could continue, a knock is heard on the barn door. Mary said to Abigail, "Wait here with the man, and I will go see who is outside." Once outside, Mary was met by the same corporal. "We have been told that the man I spoke of is now on your property." Abigail came out of the barn. The corporal continued, "Can I take a look inside your barn?"

Mary responded, "We were only tending to our live stock tonight. One of our heifers needed our attention so we came out. It was only us."

"Ma'am...please let me take a look." Before she could answer, he grabbed the handle of the barn door and opened it. He entered and several minutes later he returned. "May I have a look in your house again ?" Without saying anything, she points to her house. The Corporal checks the house and returns minutes later. He responded, "Ma'am, I am sorry for our visit at this hour. If you do see anything, please let us know."

After the Corporal had left the property, the ladies re-entered the barn only to find the man had disappeared with no trace of his blanket, makeshift bed nor his lantern. The two searched the entire barn, called for him but receive no response. They searched inside and outside the house but found no trace of him.

A tired Mary concluded, "He must have left to hide at a neighbor's."

Abigail responded, "I want to keep looking for him."

"Abby, I don't think he will be back, especially after the visit by his superior. Let's get some sleep and we can look again tomorrow."

The next morning, the two ladies awaken to a bright sunny day. They visit the village arriving in their open wagon pulled by their team of two horses, and deliver some produce in exchange for items they need. Before they walked into the general store, they stopped and read a sign that was posted on the outside facade of the establishment. The large print read:

A reward of $_____ is offered for information of a soldier of our local army who escaped his duties. Please keep watch for a deserter by the name of private Francis _______.

But a second notice was added to the sign:

Our fellow soldier has been found deceased from his injuries.
God Bless his soul.

Abigail cries, "Poor man. We couldn't help him."

"He wouldn't let us help him."

The ladies had returned home and the arrival of night brought a pleasant surprise. Abigail looked out her bedroom window and saw the same light emitting from the barn. She ran to her mother's bedroom and knocked frantically on her door. "Mother...mother! We have to go back out to the barn. Someone is out there again!"

Mary quickly opened her door and responded: "It can't be the same man, Abby. We saw the notice."

"But mother please, we must go check. Please, let's go see. Please!"

"Okay, okay!"

The two left the house and opened the barns doors. To their surprise, the same wounded soldier had returned for another night's rest.

- the end -


New!September 2021 Message from Robert Murray.

New!New Sketches by James Murray in 2021 and '22

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