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Our dear friends of The Stars Still Shine Magazine have something to contribute to the publication. Please return often as we add their writings to this page.

The following is from Marcia McMahon who has been channeling Robert Murray and others in the Afterlife.

September 11, 2015

October 7, 2015

May 2017


SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

From: Marcia McMahon Mastroddi
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 11:05 AM
Subject: The Stars Still Shine -- Dream/Message: The 9-11s in the Afterlife- Tribute to Robert Murray's 911 messages from the afterlife

Dear Friends;
My dear friend Robert Murray a great channel for heaven and the afterlife passed into Heaven and the afterlife himself passed August 31st. Any of you out there that are curious to what to expect when you transition need to read Bob's book, The Stars Still Shine book 1 and 2. This is link to the 911s in the Afterlife of which are over a hundred installments!

Many of you have read my book, Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe by Marcia McMahon, with author Robert Murray's contributions of musical talent. Robert passed to spiritual dominions August 31st, the very same day as Princess Diana, many year later. We originally connected over the internet due to our mutual Diana connection. James his son, drew a stunning portrait of Diana playing a harp and her message was on children channeled from Robert. Then we worked together for over 8 year channeling musical lyrics from the half beats as I featured Bob's songs and talents on my former radio show, the Peaceful Planet.

If you buy a book from Robert Murray you will never be able to put it down. Robert's vivid descriptions and James' illustrations make it a great read. While I am very proud of Notes from John, I would never have gotten into this project without Robert's incredible talent for sharing the tunes. As he puts it "George just tells me what to do in the program Band-in-a- Box! It sounds incredible similar to George and Johns' style while living as the talent they were.

It is not sad but happy - an outlet for the great talent and determination to get peace for the planet as John told me.

Since tomorrow is the Anniversary of September 11, and Bob's passing recently, I thought you would enjoy knowing more about Bob Murray and hearing the music. Just follow the links to his music and you can hear free samples of music from the half Beats John and George, plus also order the now rare books, The Stars Still Shine series of books. If you have preconceived ideas about heaven, Bob's books are an eye opener for anyone. There are different religions in heaven, including various forms of christianity, and as well there are "people in heaven that you would not expect to be there. Bob note thru his son in law Mike there said that the terrorists were no where to be found however!

Bobs other books and accomplishments in writing and song writing are too numerous to mention here. He was an outlet for the Stars Still Shine Ezine, where John F. Kennedy Jr and Caroline B. Kennedy edited his ezine for many years. Every issue shed new light on some mysterious aspect of afterlife or life on Earth. He connected the dots more than anyone else I knew, and even did many readings for me, mainly with Princess Diana which were so accurate. She described what I had been doing that day and how I had lost a message in a hectic day. She called Robert to the task and sent along a reminder that I was to be on duty never mind the hectic day. I had a message from lady Diana yesterday about Bobs transition, but I'll only a bit of it for you.

"I just noticed that Bob Murray died on the same day as Princess Diana. That is so weird being that was our first connection. Diana is saying" there are no coincides Bob is adjusting very well and had been given an overwhelming standing ovation for his words of all the greats on this side. John and George of the half beats played Many of his songs for him, including Appreciated Angels and Peaceful Planet. There were others too numerous to mention. He has been visiting and catching up with Mike, naturally and all his family on this side as well. His parents and an uncle whom he was fond of . He sends his love to all the family back home on earth, especially Emily and family. Needless to say there a have been many family reunions, and picnics. All music has been provided by the Half Beats and Elvis, and Dead on Ed Sullivan. Some of the old timers have even danced to Bob's swing jazz music. He is quite the hit of the party bit a overwhelmed. He visits the opera house to cheer himself up. He has accelerated his time travel and learned to be anywhere at a moments blinking of an eye. He is attending lectures on everything. He has his own corner of the library with all the volumes he has created both the ezine and The Stars Still Shine books. They have glow about them since they reached many on earth and are about the souls in heaven. they are quite a collection. His musical pieces also have a separate corner in the musical collections, and John and George also use his reference material."

Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe by Marcia McMahon, available on includes Murray's musical inspiration and my lyrics. Please visit Bob's site and buy the book, The Stars Still Shine, before its out of print! See below for more information and great reading from the late great Robert Murray and son James. Part two of my book is filled with all of Bob's musical works, only available to listen to on his site. Bob was also a member of the JL spirit group. Best wishes Bob on your continuing journeys thru the afterlife! xx to Bob and all reading this,


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OCTOBER 7, 2015

Marcia McMahon channeled a message from Diana about Robert Murray. A note from Marcia follows.

Subject: An expert from Diana - high Tea in honor of your Father,
From: Marcia McMahon Mastroddi,
To: James Murray,
Date: 2015-10-07 14:55


"I would expect more from my sons and I would expect them to be quite friendly with you considering the work you've done and that you are genuinely one of the few earthly channels that I have besides Andrew Penrose and of course Robert Murray who sadly has made his transition over here.

I was in the midst of telling you about to tea party that we threw on behalf of of honor of Robert and his marvelous work with spirit. Many celebrities were invited over to my home mine and Dodi's home. We have a castle like dwelling that is a sprawling estate. It's very much in the English style of the tutor. Whilst you were traveling over to see your chiropractor, I was entertaining Bob a few days ago and we had a high tea in his honor. Bob was quite humble on the Earth plane as you know and he was completely taken by surprise and overwhelmed at the T. We had the finest of everything for Bob.The table was laid in traditional English fashion with candlelight and we had fine bone China and sandwiches, tea and of course lemon curd for dessert. In addition to the finery's of what we had for the T, there was Elvis, John Lennon and George Harrison and host of many celebrities. Too numerous to mention. Michael Jackson was there along with some other entertainers and there's a short sketch that was given one that Bob himself and written with George and John. It was great fun and all were laughing. It was done to chair Bob. Bob, he's been a bit missing the earth plane, his son, James and his wife, Diane. Plus their souls they're still missing Bob as well. Now may I turned to world affairs Marcia darling? I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the recent maneuvers of Putin and then come back to this message. Thank you darling."

Hi James; 
I knew you would cherish this titbit of information from Diana. Hope things are going OK. This week is our celbration of JL 's 75th  birthday party. 
Take care and many bessigns of spirit--

Contributions on this pages are by Marcia McMahon:
Peacful Planet radio show and bio:


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MAY 2017

From Marcia Mastroddi

Date 2017-05-26 11:28

A Visit in Heaven with Princess Diana and Fr. Bob Murray By Marcia McMahon, M.A.

May 2017

Calling in father Bob Murray calling in Princess Diana, and all the major guides to be present with James and I, whom have on the show this evening and make it fun and uplifting.

Bob: "This is father Bob. We've been trying to connect to you all week and were glad you finally took some time out from your cleaning and other activities to spend some time in the heavenly realms. Now, if you'll just let go of all your expectations for this evening Marcia, for you are a perfectionist and you're hard on yourself, and you need to be easier on yourself and things will go easier for you in general."

Bob: "I can't tell you how proud I am of my son James and how good he's really getting at receiving my messages accurately."

Marcia: "Well father Bob if I may say so, you are great channel and a great teacher so that leaves nothing out of the equation! There isn't any room for error is that? LOL."

Bob: "When too much rain affects you or inclement weather it does affect the mood so all of you out there who have been feeling a little bit of the blues lately it's to be attributed much to the weather.
Stay connected to the silver cord as you relax and release more and more of your cares and worries and see yourself enveloped in a force field of white light and long tube where no negative entities can attach to you as you travel through the silver cord all the way over to my house and one to 3 your going to land right at the gate to the property and you're going to open the gate yourself, and you're going to come up the red brick lined walk with the flowers all over on both sides walk and decorating the front of the house inside of the house as well.

So you're going to gently knock and I'm going to welcome you into the study and find me. " Come on in Marcia and sit down the long time since you've had paid me a visit."

Marcia: "I'm happy to be here."

Bob: "Well, what can I get you?"

Marcia: "Oh the red wine looks good or maybe whatever else you have in the way of tea or coffee."

Bob: "Well, make up your mind!"

Marcia: "I'll have half a glass of red wine, no more thank you Bob."

Bob: "So just sit down and make yourself at home. I'm here with the animals and there at my feet I'm on my comfortable chair as you can see and you can observe my writing implements as you saw them last time. So anyway it's been my understanding that the Diana is anxious to meet you in person and would like to shake your hand and she has something she wants to tell you.

So in my formal way of going about things here on the other side, we are going to go over to Diana's Castle and pay the great lady of visit, are you game for that?"

Marcia: "Well Bob my heart is going bitter patter and I'm getting a little nervous at the thought of really meeting Diana but I seen her in my dreams before and I've spoken with her almost daily for 16 years."

Bob: "Yes well she has quite a presence you soon find out so....
Yes I'm chuckling a bit I'm sitting here in my study looking around at the flowers coming up in spring and I'm standing by the window looking out gazing out at the Vista that I have. I can see Diana's Castle in the distance!"

Marcia: "I can see her castle."

Bob: "So we'll leave my place here and I'll go tell the housekeeper that I'm going tell her and I will be gone till dinner.

And were going to go out of the front door and walk across the lawn observing all the flowers and just getting into the sensations of the day. We've got a lot of sunshine today in a nice pleasant breeze."

We're walking up a old kind of dirt road up the way to Diana's Castle and kind of up the meadow and were walking together and Bob and I. Bob's a pretty good walker and I'm a little bit behind Bob but that's all right. I see that the castle is in the distance and it's got quite a few different spires from different time periods and emblems.

There it is - large, grey thick walls and spires on top. A formal staircase of grey stones awaits us. Next, we're coming up to a huge oak wooden door with a huge old-fashioned knocker there's also fancy doorbell and there's a new garage is off to the side where they store their various spots cars.

So her I am! Bob turns to me and he says, " Are you sure you're ready to meet Diana? " I'm smiling and I'm saying, " let me take another deep breath! " Looking down, I seem to have changed myself into a well-manicured lady!

Looking down at myself, I discovered that I'm wearing a deep blue indigo dress and fancy shoes and I have some fancy handmade amethyst jewelry on and I feel a little bit insecure about meeting the Diana!

Okay you, Bob, you knock or ring or whatever you do! I suppose the Butler will answer the door right? Laughing Bob "of course!" Here Comes there's this guy in this suit comes to the door and he says, " How I help you?"

And Bob says "We're here by of the invitation of her Royal Highness Princess Diana and she is requesting the presence of Marcia and I in 20 min." and the Butler says, "Welcome!! "Do please step in and I'll make you more comfortable would you step to the right and into the Princesses' waiting room?"

"I'll call her for you! " So were stepping into this very elegant room and it looks like late the 15th century furnishings sort of French provincial looking and there's floor-to-ceiling windows and plants all around. It's full of light and you can see the spacious surroundings everywhere and out of the exterior of the of the castle has a variety of different emblems. The flags and emblems out there created a more medieval look. Its simply awe inspiring as I enter the interiors there's more light and airy, filled with antiques, but it's a very uplifting vibe. There's a big painting of clouds in the sky and Angels, in high baroque style in Diana's living room right on the ceiling. Then there are some portraits of the royal family that she keeps as memorabilia and of course up-to-date portraits of William and Catherine and children, Charlotte and George and Harry.

On the opposite wall, I see some of my portraits in watercolor that I've done of Diana are hanging right in her living room! Then we're led into the family room to her studio. Here she comes! It' s very, very touching, as she comes down the stairs and she's dressed and in a sort of a pink suit and she approaches me and she says-" I've been wanting to congratulate you for so many years for your fine peace work with me and I'm so very honored that you've done all this work for no payment and no real thanks from anyone except a few of your closest followers, associates and friends. I so appreciate what you've done for me as well and my family and of course for the peace of mankind at this time! " (What a statement, I think!)

I'm bowing to Diana, (courtesy) and I'm taking her hand and I'm saying oh your Royal highness it's my pleasure to finally meet you, you're such an angel! You're so beautiful! I gaze into her cornflower blue eyes and that golden hair even has a bit of halo. She glows radiant with beauty. Her eyes convey loving warmth and zeal for life.

Princess Diana's 's a glowing from head to toe with the pink light in the pink suit and she's got a very special earrings on; the pearl earrings she used to like to wear and she doesn't wear the sapphire because those belong to Catherine now, they were was passed on. She doesn't have her sapphire ring but she's got some beautiful pearls and her dress is very light and airy springtime. It is almost like a breath of fresh air and everything smells of roses so she's got pink roses everywhere in the house and English Rose style- it's more homelike- welcoming inside than it is outside.

In the living room Diana sits down to the white baby grand piano and she wants to play a musical piece for both of us. I'm looking at the spectacular wealth and, wow, I wasn't expecting all this! The Butler is going to bring in some tea and hors d'oeuvres for us and were actually at the time of high tea at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon so that's kind of fun.

Bob and I are s to hear her play piano and there's a back room where they keep all of their Toys. So she's welcoming the children into this room and she's going to play one of the songs that John( Lennon) has done as attribute to Diana. I guess she's telling me that she really likes Remarkable Diana ( done by Bob Murray, lyrics by Marcia in her book, Notes from John) and she really likes the Peaceful Planet so she's going to play both tunes for us on the piano!

Diana said she's going to have a recording for us to hear from the children's choir that sing "make me a channel of your peace" by St. Francis of Assisi her favorite song. The choirs of children sing along beautifully. She's playing in this beautiful pink suit and there's like angels all around her. Everything sparkles like jewels that I see and also in her decor in the apartments there she's got angels on the wallpaper statues of Angels and gilded angels in the corners like a museum.

She's even got a little portrait of me on the wall and some of her other channels. As well she's got memorabilia she's one for a lot of memorabilia and she says in her mind to me that " I think of you as family and I want you very much to know how much love I have for you Marcia; and for all of my channels and all that are doing the good work! I want to especially thank Michele who's done this beautiful work of the videos, and I want to thank Rose and I want to thank Andrew and want to thank father Murray and James Murray and it's all like were spiritually united in the cause for peace! "

She's got a kind of theater that she's can it take us to later so were enjoying the Tea and the maid is beautiful in every way, a friend of Diana who likes to help out with kitchen things and cooking she is serving us these on sandwiches cucumber and cress sandwiches! (Additional staff) We're having tea a little honey and it's all quite lovely the music ends and then we all clapped when the Princess finished playing.

Then she said she's going to play another number for this and she's playing and old song "Candle in the Wind" or Goodbye England's Rose, by Elton John, and it's making her sad! Tears rolled down my cheeks, and even father Murray is tearing up. She says that this is to honor my 20th anniversary here in spirit, and all the good that I did!

Diana then announces " Brothers and sisters I just watch over you now. Just know that the good that you do does lives on in heaven, and we are provided a wonderful afterlife. I would so want my sons to know about your fine artwork and you find channeling me to make every effort to get in touch with house of Windsor. " Diana's singing and playing along with the song and it's very somber and very touching. Of course our thoughts go back to Westminster Abbey and her funeral.

And then it's suddenly sort of time to go. The maid comes in takes the refreshments and the children were standing alert, then file out of the room they were seated throughout the entire time Diana played for us. (I myself have never seen children so well behaved! It must be the spell of Diana and her magic with children! ) She's going to escort us to the door. So long, sweet Princess, I think, she offers her hand and then she gives me a big hug and then she offers her hand to father Murray and she also gives father Murray a big hug!

I can see tears welling up in Murray's eyes, feel them down my cheeks, and then we go to the door and then were ready to go. The path of the iris and the Peonies are up as well we just had to coming up to her magnificent gardens. There are field of various wildflowers in the distance too. Mostly neatly manicured bushes and a maze like any royal palace. We've had more sunshine so I'm happy to say that I'm in a better mood.

We walked back to Fr. Murray's house on that same dirt path then it began to and we materialized light raincoats on the way, as if by magic. Now I'm back with Fr. Bob and I thanked him as I faded from the scene finding myself comfortable sitting at my computer in my home looking out from my window on the garden once more!

Channeled by Marcia McMahon, M.A.
Author and channel for the late Princess Diana.
Reach Marcia at
Marcia hosts the peaceful Planet show and she features James as regular guest at, Peaceful Planet airing every other SAT night at 6 pm central 7 East and 4 pacific. Marcia does reading with Archangel Michel and your sprit guides as well as teaches classes. Her books are channeled wisdom on world peace @ or
With Love from Diana, queen of Hearts, Princess Diana's Message of Peace, (re-published 2017, and Notes from John, Message from Across the Universe, including messages from the late Robert Murray,) and Ascension Teachings with Archangel Michael this year re published in full color edition all on her site and Also with thanks for

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