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James Murray

Animator, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Actor

Qualifications & Work History

* James' professional profile is also available at Linkedin and has a Facebook page.


1988 - 1991
Fine Arts Diploma from Champlain Regional College, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.
Courses involved life drawing and perspective drawing, composition, two dimensional design, computer design, colour theory, watercolour & acrylic painting, printmaking, photoetching, sculpture, pottery and art history.

1991 - 1993
Animation-Television diploma from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Strong emphasis was on classical cartoon character animation production for TV. The animation program provided sufficient experience for a graduate to work in the animation industry.

Actor training for Granite Forks (TV series).

Actor training: Animation Voice-over

Work Experience (Freelance)

For the lastest work, return to the home page and scroll to What's New!

Art/Animation (1996 - 2018)

Finalist in the Starz Character Idol, a character design/development competition at the 2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Character designs, illustrations and animations for the Sword of Trauma cartoon.

Logo/Opening for Stirring Up Trouble with Angela Shelton

Web Site Graphics & Animation for PB Publishing who publish Scenes of Vermont, a popular Vermont travel and tourism e-zine. Animation samples: Eggplant Character || Ski Report Icon || Banner Advertising || Tourist Map || Graphic sample: Scenic Icon

Cartoon Logo for Dirty Hairy Mobile Dog Grooming.

Cartoon Illustrations: Construction worker || Beaver & Kangaroo T-shirt Image

Illustrations: School Portrait Drawings of Hockey / Basketball 1 & 2

Print and logo design for a nonprofit community organization.

Graphic Designs & Book Illustrations for Aura Publishing. View Icons || Logo || Animated Logo || Book Illustrations: Book Cover, Dream art & Line art || Web Site Design

Aura Publishing publishes an e-magazine, books, stories, music and Web site focusing on life after death or afterlife experiences. James is (1) the production manager for their books and e-magazine and (2) designer and manager of their Web site. He also writes advertising copy to promote their material.

View More...
Please see James' home page and Portfolio for much more of his art and animation samples.


(2004 - Present) For James' acting experience, click here or scroll down this page.


Computer Experience

The latest Macintosh operating systems. Also, iOs 9 and iCloud on the iPad 2. Plus some experience with Windows 7 and 8.

Tablet: Cintiq 12WX Wacom tablet.

From 1993-1995, he assisted in the installation of prepress computer systems for service bureaus (prepress) and printers.

Macintosh Computer Software + Web Browsers Used:

Adobe CS5: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere & Soundbooth, Flash Professional, Fireworks

Adobe CS3: Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional & InDesign.

Pagination software: QuarkXpress 7.31, Pagemaker 5 & 6.5, Fetch 5.7.3 (FTP), WordPerfect.

Other: Final Cut Express HD ver. 3.0, HTML 4.0 coding, and Fractal Design Painter 3.

Web/Mobile Browsers:

Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera


Other Work Experience

Carpentry, groundskeeping and maintenance of residential properties.



Habitat for Humanity. In 1994, a one day project was organized by Habitat for Humanity. He assisted in the construction of a residential covered porch.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. In 2005 & 2006, Stanstead College organized a one day shoreline cleanup of the Tomifobia River, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. See his illustration of the cleanup.

Nonprofit Community Organizations. In 2006 and 2008 - 2016, James has also donated his graphic design services. He has designed a print publication and other communications including a logo.



He also enjoys dancing, yoga, tai chi, swimming, walking, cross-country skiing. He watches feature films, television shows (sitcoms and animated cartoons) and sporting events. He collects sports cards.







TV SERIES (in post-production)

Granite Forks (TV series) -- Lead Actor --
Focus Television, Directors: Bashar Shbib and Jon Deitcher
Preview the series - At sunsetpictures.ca, view a video by clicking the Television link, then click read more or the poster.



FILMS (in post-production except for P.T. Barnum and Misbehaviour)

THE MAKING OF...Indie Television (Movie)
Sunset Pictures, Director: Bashar Shbib

Catharsis (Short film) -- Supporting Actor --
Sunset Pictures, Director: Sidrah Laldin

P.T. Barnum (TV movie) -- Extra --
Hallmark Entertainment, Director: Simon Wincer.
Actors: Beau Bridges, Jordan Bridges, Cynthia Dale, Natalie Radford, George Hamilton

Misbehaviour (Feature Film) -- Extra --
ZGA Films & Television Corp.

Zombie Maniacs (Feature film) -- Lead Actor --
Sunset Pictures, Directors: Bashar Shbib and
Stephen De Oliveira

The Upside (Feature film) -- Supporting Actor --
Sunset Pictures, Directors:
Gabe Brown. Preview.

Lulu (Feature film) -- Supporting Actor --
Sunset Pictures, Directors: Bashar Shbib and
Gabe Brown

Get It Together (Feature film) -- Supporting Actor --
Sunset Pictures, Director: Damon Cox


Link to James Murray's Animation Voice-over page/demo
Click here for James' Voice-overs.


Actor training for Granite Forks (TV series).

Stevie Vallance’s Tooned In! Animation Voice-over Workshop
Diploma, Animation Voice-over.
The 8-hour day class focused on character development from the audition p.o.v. by way of improvisational exercises and monologues. I also learned audition etiquette, mic technique, basic ‘ins & outs’ of the Industry and how to make an Animation Acting Demo.

The Masters series: On-line Privates. Instructor: Stevie Vallance
The animation voice-over Masters course consists of 6 one hour sessions via Skype. The series is a continuation of the Stevie Vallance’s Tooned In! Animation Voice-over Workshop that I completed in 2009.



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