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James Murray

Illustrator, Animator, Graphic Designer & Actor

Qualifications & Work History

* James' professional profile is also available at Linkedin and has a Facebook page.


1988 - 1991
Fine Arts Diploma from Champlain Regional College, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.
Courses involved life drawing and perspective drawing, composition, two dimensional design, computer design, colour theory, watercolour & acrylic painting, printmaking, photoetching, sculpture, pottery and art history.

1991 - 1993
Animation-Television diploma from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Strong emphasis was on classical cartoon character animation production for TV. The animation program provided sufficient experience for a graduate to work in the animation industry.

Actor training for Granite Forks (TV series).

Actor training: Animation Voice-over

Work Experience (Freelance)

For the lastest work, return to the home page and scroll to What's New!

Art -- Animation -- Publishing (1996 - 2021)

Cartoon Design / Illustration:

Finalist in the Starz Character Idol, a character design/development competition at the 2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Character designs, illustrations and animations for the Sword of Trauma cartoon.

Logo/Opening for Stirring Up Trouble with Angela Shelton

Cartoon Logo for Dirty Hairy Mobile Dog Grooming.

Cartoon Illustrations: Construction worker || Beaver & Kangaroo T-shirt Image


School Portrait Drawings of Hockey / Basketball 1 & 2

Graphic Design

Print and logo design for a nonprofit community organization.

Graphic Designs & Book Illustrations for TheStarsStillShine.com: publishing life after death or afterlife experiences. View Icons || Logo || Animated Logo || Book Illustrations: Book Cover, Dream art & Line art || Web Site Design

Web Site Graphics & Animation for PB Publishing who publish Scenes of Vermont, a popular Vermont travel and tourism e-zine. Animation samples: Eggplant Character || Ski Report Icon || Banner Advertising || Tourist Map || Graphic sample: Scenic Icon

View More...
Please see James' home page and Portfolio for much more of his art and animation samples.


(2004 - Present) For James' acting experience, click here or scroll down this page.


Computer Experience

The latest Macintosh OS, iOs and iCloud. Some experience with Windows OS.

Tablet: Cintiq 12WX Wacom tablet.

From 1993-1995, he assisted in the installation of prepress computer systems for service bureaus (prepress) and printers.

Macintosh Computer Software + Browsers:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere & Soundbooth, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Dreamweaver

Pagination software: QuarkXpress and InDesign

Other: Final Cut Express HD ver. 3.0, HTML coding.

Other Work Experience

Carpentry, groundskeeping and maintenance of residential properties.


Habitat for Humanity. In 1994, a one day project was organized by Habitat for Humanity. He assisted in the construction of a residential covered porch.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. In 2005 & 2006, Stanstead College organized a one day shoreline cleanup of the Tomifobia River, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. See his illustration of the cleanup.

Nonprofit Community Organizations. In 2006 and 2008 - 2016, James has also donated his graphic design services. He has designed a print publication and other communications including a logo.



He also enjoys dancing, yoga, tai chi, swimming, walking, cross-country skiing. He watches feature films, television shows (sitcoms and animated cartoons) and sporting events. He collects sports cards.







TV SERIES (in post-production)

Granite Forks (TV series) -- Lead Actor --
Focus Television, Directors: Bashar Shbib and Jon Deitcher


The Making of...Indie Television (Movie)
Sunset Pictures, Director: Bashar Shbib

The Upside (Feature film) -- Supporting Actor --
Sunset Pictures, Directors:
Gabe Brown.

Zombie Maniacs (Feature film) -- Lead Actor --
a Stephen De Oliveira film, Directors: Bashar Shbib and
Stephen De Oliveira

The Last Chapter (Lulu In June) (Feature film) -- Supporting Actor --
-a Bashar Shbib film. Director: Bashar Shbib


P.T. Barnum (TV movie) -- Extra --
Hallmark Entertainment, Director: Simon Wincer.
Actors: Beau Bridges, Jordan Bridges, Cynthia Dale, Natalie Radford, George Hamilton



Link to James Murray's Animation Voice-over page/demo
Click here for James' Voice-overs.


Actor training for Granite Forks (TV series).

Stevie Vallance’s Tooned In! Animation Voice-over Workshop
Diploma, Animation Voice-over.
The 8-hour day class focused on character development from the audition p.o.v. by way of improvisational exercises and monologues. I also learned audition etiquette, mic technique, basic ‘ins & outs’ of the Industry and how to make an Animation Acting Demo.

The Masters series: On-line Privates. Instructor: Stevie Vallance
The animation voice-over Masters course consists of 6 one hour sessions via Skype. The series is a continuation of the Stevie Vallance’s Tooned In! Animation Voice-over Workshop that I completed in 2009.



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